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The Swan Research Program (SRP) has been studying Tundra Swan migration since the 1960s. Under Dr. William JL Sladen, SRP originally defined the incredible migration route between the North Slope of Alaska and the United States' Mid-Atlantic region. This year's project is being lead by SRP staff.

ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc., Earth Energy Partners (CPAI) support this project financially and logistically. They are the primary project funders, and provide research staff with Tundra Swan survey data, access to the breeding lakes in the Kuparuk and Alpine oilfields on the North Slope, helicopters, and ongoing support throughout the year.

Alaska Bird Obsevatory (ABO) is a Research and Educational organization based in Fairbanks, Alaska. ABO is our main education program coordinator, and also participate in our banding efforts on the North Slope.

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park (SHWP) is an Avicultural and Educational facility located in the heart of the Tundra Swan wintering area: Scotland Neck, North Carolina. SHWP educators have led several field trips with local school groups during the winter of 2006/2007. SHWP actively preserves rare and threatened waterfowl species and is home to the world's largest waterfowl collection. SHWP is our major education program coordinators in the wintering grounds.

Davis School District Foundation which partnered with many entities to provide the web page development, hosting, and support for the Shadow A Swan project. A special thanks to Steve Milam and the Utah Educational Network for their work in establishing the original Shadow A Swan web site.