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Bthacker (educator) on December 3, 2011: Hurricane force winds in Northern Utah. Wonder how that will affect the Tundra Swans? - I don't yet have their December locations.
Bthacker (educator) on November 15, 2011: Our five birds are back on the radar. Four of the five are where they were last year at this time and the fifth is ahead of schedule in California. Wonder if Scout found an attractive bird which shared the attraction and they decided to migrate on the other swan's schedule.
Bthacker (educator) on December 1, 2010: With very cold weather threatening, it looks like the swans have moved on to California.

Bthacker(educator) on November 30, 2010: The "blizzard" was far less than the weatherman predicted and it appears the swans knew it as they hung around the Great Salt Lake.

Bthacker (educator) on November 21, 2010: Three swans are still resting in the bays surrounding the Great Salt Lake. Weathermen are forecasting a blizzard on November 23rd. Do you think the swans will head off for warmer shores or hunker down and wait out the high winds and snow?
Bthacker (educator) on November 11, 2010: The swans carry a satellite transmitter which sends their location to the receivers. Each transmitter has it's own ID which identifies the swan. Click on the maps link to see where the current location shows each swan. All Alaskan swans migrate. Only a few get to carry transmitters and send us their locations.
Wingate Elementary (school) on November 4, 2010: How do you watch the swans or where they are going? How many swans migrate? How can you tell the swans apart?
Bthacker (educator) on November 1, 2010: The Flock Talk message board is now operational. Swans are at the Great Salt Lake and you may want to comment on when you think they will leave for greener marshes. Shadow A Swan welcomes your questions about swans, habitats, and migration. Thanks for participating in this project!