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Share your pond with classes around the world!

With a registered password, you can upload a photo of your pond.

Note: Photos with 150-200 dots per inch will work best. Do not include any spaces or characters in the file name. Please keep your photo around 600 pixels wide and be sure the file is of the type .jpg or .gif

Two ways to share your photos:
1 - With your password and ftp software you can visit ftp://ftp.shadowaswan.org and log in to your folder.
a. set the ftp mode to auto detect.
b. ensure that passive mode is checked.
c. provide your username and password and then upload the file.

2 - You can attach your photo to an e-mail and send it to bthacker801@juno.com. Please be sure to include the pond name and your registered user name in the e-mail.